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Our Silent Disco equipment is state of the art multichannel broadcasting suitable for any event (public or private).

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Saturday, 29 February 2020 13:44


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As new eventsbecome available we'll update this page for you...

1st Thursday Of The Month @ The Nostalgia Bar

Tenerife's 1st Silent Disco @ The Nostalgia Bar

Wednesday, 19 February 2020 11:57

Equipment Hire

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The Technology

Our equipment broadcasts wirelessly to the headsets with an unobstructed range of around 50-80 metres (in reality this can be up to as far as 500 metres). In built up areas, such as when we run a Silent Disco Adventure the range is about 30-50 metres.

We generally cater for groups of around 50-100 or 200 people and the equipment has been used for audiences of over 5,000. Yes, we have had parties that big and bigger using this equipment.


We can also broadcast up to 3 signals simultaneously enabling you to have one group listening to one type of music while a 2nd group listens to another type of music and a 3rd group could listen to a pre-loaded playlist or just chill-out music.

Typically we would have 2 channels playing a predefined list of tracks and a 3rd channel playing requests.

Contact Our Team

You can hire our equipment for your event, party or special occasion. No special software is needed and we can even pre-load music for you should you require it.

We can provide from 25 – 5,000 sets of headphones to use. A standard hire will come with the following:

  • Transmitter
  • Microphone
  • Portable power supply (should there be no power available)
  • 25 headphones

You provide the music and we will provide your LED Headphones from 25 to over 5,000 headphones.

Our system as a simple plug and play feature so you can plug any music source into our lightweight and small transmitter, including laptops, iPods/iPhones or even DJ Mixers.

Broadcast range is up to 500 metres but we typically recommend around 100 metres as people are more engaged the closer they are to the action.

The concept of a Silent Disco is fairly new and people constantly ask how does it work? It is very simple. We use state of the art fully rechargeable LED headphones with powerful transmitters to ensure perfect quality.

The music source is then plugged into the transmitter and away you go, you can have up to 3 transmitters running three separate music sources.

Saturday, 15 February 2020 13:38

Get Your Party Started

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Get your party started today by calling us on +34 644 539019.

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Use one of the contact options above to get your silent disco started with Silent Disco Tenerife.

We speak English & Spanish.

Call: +34 644 539019     Send WhatsApp

Saturday, 15 February 2020 13:34

Types Of Use

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Some examples of how the equipment can be used...

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Saturday, 15 February 2020 12:41

Silent Disco Tenerife

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Silent Disco Tenerife uses state of the art multichannel broadcasting equipment with noise cancelling features to ensure your party or event goes off without a hitch.

Some use samples include:

Silent Disco Adventures

We take you on an adventure through the streets enjoying your favourite tunes and trying out your dance moves while enjoying the sights and sounds of the local scenery. Places where you can enjoy a Silent Disco Adventure include Tenerife (of-course), London, Edingburgh, Dublin, Lisbon and many other locations.

This is how it all started and where the inspiration came from. Now, we run silent discos in Tenerife on the beach, at parties, in the street and lots of other places too.

Start Your Silent Adventure

Silent Disco On The Beach

Bringing a whole new element to parties on the beach Silent Disco Tenerife offers you the opportunity to have your disco, on the beach, while not disturbing those nearby in residential areas with the noise pollution associated with beach parties.

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For Birthdays

No matter what age everyone enjoys a silent disco at their birthday. We can cater for groups of children, adults, or even mixed groups with different music playing simultaneously for each group at the party.

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Silent Fitness in Tenerife

Our fitness programs help you lose the inches, get fit and have fun doing it.

We have fitness, Yoga and aerobics classes specifically designed to help you keep fit and have fun while you're doing it.

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For Private Parties

If you're looking to host a private party with a difference then we can certainly help you do that.

Our silent discos for parties are the perfect addition to help boost your guest liut.

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Equipment Hire - Compare Pricing

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Included in Costs

Delivery, setup & testing of the equipment.

We will show you how to use the equipment and troubleshoot any problems and we will also be available to provide remote technical support.

Additional Costs

Our headsets can receive up to 3 signals from 3 separate transmitters. If needed we can provide additional transmitters at a cost of 14.99€ per transmitter so you can live play up to 3 separate signals to 3 separate channels.

Should you require a host for your event to engage with the audience and manage the music we can provide this too. Just contact us for customised pricing for your event.

Repeat Events

If you are planning to host a Silent Disco on multiple dates or regularly then please contact us for customised pricing.